Velcro Rollers – The mane event for 2023!

It was the late 70s and early 80s when velcro rollers were the go-to styling tool for everyone from moms to celebrities. Now, in 2023, velcro rollers are back, and they’re better than ever! That’s right – bouncy blowdrys are huge this year, and stylists everywhere are using these easy-to-use tools to get the job done.

Let’s take a look at why velcro rollers are making such a big comeback this year.

One of the biggest reasons why stylists love using velcro rollers is because they provide maximum control over how much volume you want in your hair while maintaining its natural shape. The soft roller surface allows heat to penetrate more effectively so that it can be distributed evenly throughout your hair. This helps ensure that each curl falls perfectly into place without any frizz or flyaways. Plus, since velcro rollers come in different sizes and shapes, you can customize your look according to your individual needs.

Velcro rollers are also incredibly easy to use compared to other styling tools like curling irons or straighteners. After washing and conditioning your hair, all you need to do is section it off and wrap small sections around the rollers. Then just leave them in until your hair has dried completely before taking them out for an effortless salon-style blow dry. 

Finally, velcro rollers are also great because they don’t damage your hair as much as other styling tools do. Many people with fine or fragile hair find that using heated tools can cause split ends or breakage over time; however, velcro rollers provide a gentler alternative that won’t put unnecessary strain on delicate locks.

There you have it – three great reasons why velcro rollers are making a big comeback this year! With their easy application process and gentle treatment of delicate strands, these styling tools are quickly becoming hairdresser favorites everywhere.

So if you want to get in on the trendiest way to style your mane this season, you might want to start stocking up on your Charlii rollers stat! They are created by a hairdresser so you can achieve salon quality hair from home, and not to mention they are the most stylish rollers on the market. 

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